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Leading Ladies Awards Nomination

We are looking for ladies in the Claremore area from every profession and industry and those who make it their business to volunteer and make a difference in our community.

Our Leading Ladies should be Claremore-area nominees who are leaders with a strong record of innovation in their fields, outstanding performance in their business, and/or a clear track record of meaningful community involvement.

This year's Leading Ladies Gala will be held on Wednesday, October 4, at Rogers State University's Dr. Carolyn Taylor Center Ballroom. The deadline for entries is August 31, 2023, at 5:00 p.m.

These awards will honor women in various categories who have proven to be dynamic and outstanding leaders.

Rising Star Award - presented by TTCU: This award recognizes an emerging leading lady 25 years of age or younger. This lady will be recognized for her positive leadership not only in academics, but most importantly in dedication and actions that positively impact others. She is planning to continue throughout her career to serve others and realizes her full potential to change the community and create an enduring legacy.

Behind the Scenes Award - presented by RCB Bank: This award recognizes ladies who are a driving force behind the success of their employer (i.e. assistant or the employee whose actions and commitment exceed employer expectations.

Business Leadership Award - presented by Wallace for Life: This award recognizes ladies who have made their mark in Claremore's corporate business environment (i.e. entrepreneur, business owner, executive). This lady exemplifies integrity, confidence, optimism, empathy, accountability, and focus.

Community Supporter Award - presented by City of Claremore: This award recognizes ladies who go above and beyond the call to devote volunteer time, energy, and resources to support their community.

Leader in Health Award - presented by 6:19 Nutrition: This award recognizes ladies who enrich the lives and careers of others by sharing the benefits of experience, knowledge, and a caring spirit (i.e. health professionals, health advocates, mental health professionals, spiritual health).

Leader in Manufacturing - presented by CIEDA: This award honors ladies who have dedicated themselves to bridging the divide in their industry by innovating, reshaping, and building the future of women in manufacturing. This lady is passionately blazing a trail for the next generation of female talent to pursue careers in manufacturing.

Non-Profit Leadership Award - presented by Red Crown Credit Union: This award honors ladies who display high energy and skill in a leadership role at a non-profit organization, a selfless person who believes in a cause and leads the way with passion.

Leader in Education - presented by Robson Properties: This award honors ladies who display creativity and passion for teaching and knowledge, either in the classroom or outside of it. From the elementary school playground to the hallowed halls of higher education, this leading lady knows that knowledge is power, and imparting it to others is her gift.

Leader in Government - presented by MST Manufacturing: This award honors ladies who have exhibited dedicated service toward the advancement of women in government. Whether an elected official in the halls of justice, management, or support staff, this lady serves our government in a loyal and selfless manner.

Leading Lady of the Year Award - presented by Northeast Tech: This award honors ladies who, throughout their words, actions, and attitudes, inspire others in the community whether at work or volunteering. They serve as a role model to other women with grace and dignity.

Past Recipients
Rising Star
2016: Katie Sauvageau
2017: Caitlyn Campbell
2018: Katelyn Gamble
2019: Katarina Perez
2020: Reighly Hendrix
2021: Mariana Flores
2022: Cassidy Beck

Behind the Scenes
2015: Barbara Stafira
2016: Kim James
2017: Kim Prock
2018: Carolyn Robison
2019: Sara Braun
2020: Denise Rhames
2021: Delinda Reed
2022: Wendy Woody

Business Leadership
2015: Chantal Vidal
2016: Carol Graham
2017: Sarah Fiegener
2018: Brenda Reno
2019: Jeanine Coleman
2020: Abbie Starkey
2021: Amy Cope
2022: Brooke Tandy

Community Supporter
2015: Angie Graves
2016: Carol Thibodeau
2017: Cindy Bissett
2018: Ashley May
2019: Sara Moss
2020: Marti Jenkins
2021: Allison Dietzfeld
2022: Sarah Hayes

Leading Lady in Health
2015: Dr. Melinda Steelmon
2016: Jody Reiss
2017: Dava Baldridge
2018: Brooke McIntyre
2019: Lynn Liles
2020: Courtney Castle
2021: Michelle Green
2022: Kym Claborn

Leader in Manufacturing
2021: Cara Carroll
2022: Cheryl McClure

Leader in Education
2021: Christi Mackey
2022: Angela Roberts

Leader in Government
2021: Ashley Hickman
2022: Tanya Andrews

Non-Profit Leadership
2015: Mendy Stone
2016: Angela Henderson
2017: Lisa Saylor
2018: Layla Freeman
2019: Dawna Church
2020: Nancy Fitts
2021: Nancy Phelps
2022: Roxanne Bilby

Leading Lady of the Year
2015: Rhonda Bear
2016: Donna Grabow
2017: Jill Ferenc
2018: Crystal Campbell
2019: Debbie Butler
2020: Meggie Froman-Knight
2021: Jody Reiss
2022: Karen Ogle
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