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Get Creative When Branding a Small Business

Offer Valid: 04/20/2022 - 05/31/2024

Branding best practices can help grow a small business. Networking, creating smart-looking marketing materials, having a web presence, and hosting special events are strategies to help your small business become a brand.

Becoming a Brand

Branding helps you stand out from your competitors. Your logo, print materials, website, and social media platforms are part of your branding strategy. They tell your story and promote the qualities you want people to associate with your business. As you start to build your brand, seek expertise to help you create a professional image that's the signature of a reputable brand.

Work With a Graphic Designer and Printer

Even if you have design software, you may not have the expertise to design like a pro, so it’s best to work with someone who can. You want a logo with staying power. Hire a graphic design professional to create a logo people can recognize and associate with your business. Then make sure your logo has visibility — use it on print materials, your website, and promotional items.

A graphic designer can coordinate your logo with fonts to create materials that help your business stand out among competitors, and your printer can put the finishing touches on your marketing materials.

Send Images in a Print-Friendly Format

 When you send images to your graphic designer or print shop, it’s essential to transfer them in a format that’s easy for any computer to recognize. By using a JPG to PDF converter this means that when the printer places them in your marketing materials, the images retain their original appearance.

A JPG-to-PDF converter makes it easy to compress and send images. Upload the images to the converter, and within seconds your beautiful images are in a single document that’s easy to send to a printer. Sending image files in a single PDF can reduce the time it takes to transfer files and keep them intact.

Create Your Web Presence

A website can serve several purposes. It's like a global storefront for your brand because of the potential for millions worldwide to find you. A social media platform allows you to engage with your customers daily, which also helps build your brand.

Offer a Customer Experience

A special event is a perfect way to introduce a business to potential customers. If the event is memorable, attendees are likely to be back for products or services. For example, if you own a garden center, you might host a garden fair that shows homeowners how to transform their backyards into a resort-like space.

Any business can hold a special event. If your business is online, consider offering a seminar and offer a discount or other promotional gift to the attendees who sign up early.

Make Branding Your Small Business a Priority

You can’t put off branding your business if you want it to be successful. A coordinated approach to branding that includes the right network, professional-looking print materials, a web presence, and customer experiences can get clients and customers to notice your business.

Join your local Chamber of Commerce to find mentors and partners who can support you in getting your small business where you want it to be.


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