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Powering Your Claremore, OK Business Into the Future With Business Analytics

Offer Valid: 10/05/2022 - 10/05/2024

Using data to better understand your company and customers is pretty simple nowadays. Establishing the right tools and practices can help your team stay ahead of the competition and build a foundation for sustained success. However, without the necessary tools and practices in place, you’re simply left with a ton of data that you can’t do anything with. Below, the Claremore Area Chamber of Commerce explains how your company can use data analytics to accomplish your goals. 


Processes and Workflows  


No company can survive, much less thrive, without efficient processes and workflows. Using business process management (BPM) can take your team's efficiency to the next level, and if you’re willing to dedicate the time and resources necessary, you can implement this discipline into your daily operations relatively quickly.


BPM analyzes interactions among your systems, data, and team members to automate specific tasks and optimize your workflows. Incorporating well-built digital process automation can go a long way in boosting employee productivity, engagement, and satisfaction. Start by establishing a BPM framework that you regularly monitor for potential improvements.


Marketing Strategy  


Data analytics can significantly benefit your marketing efforts. After all, valuable information is one of the most critical assets of any marketing campaign. Implementing the tools and practices necessary to sift through raw data and compile customer-relevant insights will do wonders for helping your team strategize your promotional plans. 


You can learn about customer demographics, define your target market more accurately, gauge seasonal patterns, and figure out why people choose your products. You can also use data to determine when and where consumers look for information about a specific product before making a purchase.


Of course, no marketing campaign will realize its full potential without an impactful brand in place. Reevaluate your company logo and modify it if necessary. Your logo must stand out among the crowd and appeal to your target audience more than those of your rivals. Fortunately, you no longer have to invest in expensive logo design services. Look online for a logo maker that allows you to select from a library of premade templates. 


As you create and populate your website and social media profiles, it’s important to understand that JPG files are more SEO friendly than other formats. Your web designer can help you optimize your website for these algorithms that determine where your site lands in search engines, but your social media can also factor into these calculations. If you need a way to convert PDF to JPG, look for a free conversion tool online. They make it incredibly easy to change your file type to the more SEO friendly JPG so that you can use the content you have, but get the benefits of an optimized format.




No matter your business type, you’re generating valuable customer data. If you have a website, are active on social media, and/or receive electronic payments, you’re collecting data about web traffic, customer demographics, user habits, and much more. If you can learn to analyze the data, you can unleash its full potential.


Many factors influence your business decisions, including industry news, company developments, and your instincts. But hard data is by far the most persuasive component for making decisions. Here are a few areas in which data can inform your decisions:




All companies suffer disappointing marketing campaigns and slow sales months. But how do you identify the problems leading to your disappointment without having hard data to analyze? 


When your team is in the habit of tracking and evaluating data from business processes, you can easily pinpoint performance breakdowns to understand each step of the process more deeply. You’ll then see the areas you need to improve and those that are serving your organization well. Data-driven problem-solving is not just the future; rest assured your competitors are also pursuing it.


Push Your Business Through Analytics


Data analytics is the path forward if you want to strengthen your company's foundation for long-term growth and success. Learn more about business process management and other disciplines that can enhance your operations, marketing strategy, decision-making, and problem-solving. Find world-class technologies and free resources, like file conversion tools, that meet your company's specific needs. You’ll notice significant changes within weeks.


If you’re ready to grow your business with the help of great local resources and partnerships, join the Claremore Area Chamber of Commerce.


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